Prop Making

Progress! I have finally found the time to work on the props for the movie! This was my first time dealing with spray paint so I was quite surprised to find out that the lids don't just pop off the can. Apparently you have to cut it open, which is quite nerve wracking since it's another reason to accidently slice up your hand, but enough about that. After the Beam Katana's dried, I used a dry brush method I found on youtube to add the finishing touches. Needless to say, I think the final product looks pretty awesome and definitely doesn't look like a cheap $6 piece of plastic I found at a rundown KB Toys.

Here's the first of many behind the scenes webisodes I'll be posting, hope you enjoy it!

No Name: Behind the Scenes Episode 01


Oki said...

Nice job. The final product looks awesome. How did the dry brush method work?

hmbtnguy said...

Thanks for the support. For the dry brush method, I dipped a brush into paint and proceeded to wipe most of it off on a towel. After most of the paint is gone from the brush, just make long strokes. This is used to pull off the scratched up look. You just have to make sure that there is very little paint left on the brush before you start the detailing work or else you'll end up with an ink blob.

Oki said...

How's the film coming along?

Anonymous said...

You're hot.